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Mediterranean Pasta Dinner

7 Oct


The other day I found myself reminiscing and I realized what a huge difference a year can make.

Last year at this time I was living in Italy without a single care in the world, my biggest life dilemma was what flavor of gelato I should get. I didn’t work, homework and classes were a joke, and my daily routine consisted of going to the outdoor markets, improving my Italian, and doing a lot of sitting around at Italian cafes and people watching, and eating….I did a lot of eating!

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A Life Without Schiacciata Is a Life Not Worth Living

1 Mar


 I don’t think a single day went by while I was in Italy that I didn’t eat at least one piece of schicciata, don’t judge me,  it was just so addicting, delicious, and everywhere….The minute the aroma of freshly baked bread topped with aromatic herbs hit my nose my willpower instantly weakened and by stomach quickly began to grumble. Continue reading

Spezzatino di Manzo

18 Feb


I was overjoyed when my dear friend, Sarah, whom I met while studying abroad in Italy decided to come up to Boston for the weekend! It had been exactly two months since I last saw Sarah, and I was desperately missing her!

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Brushcette Diverse

7 Feb


There is a common misconception amongst most Americans that bruschetta can only be made with tomatoes, which in fact is not true in the slightest. The meaning of bruschetta in Italy is a toasted bread usually drizzled with olive oil, rubbed with garlic, and then topped with some sort of tapenade. Although bruscetta  topped with tomatoes is one of the most well-known dishes, it is only commonly made and served when tomatoes are in season, which means contrary to popular belief this is not a dish you can find year round in Italy. Continue reading

Una Crostata di Zucchine

30 Jan


I am in America for less then two months and already I am stressed! That calm, relaxed, European, Kait has been replaced by a frazzled, chaotic, and semi crazy one….personally I don’t blame it so much on the country, instead I blame it purely on school! It’s honestly as if all my professors think that I live to take their class, as if I enjoy spending all my free time flipping through books and reading, and writing papers, it’s exhausting! Most days I end up waking up at 3:00 a.m. to my cat who always seems to suddenly get a burst of energy at the worst possible times (of course I usually try my best to ignore her as I can barely begin to function this early in the morning) I then wake up for the second time at  6:30 a.m., I head  to the pool by 7:15, swim for forty-five minutes, head to school, go to class, go to work, and then comehome and start doing my homework for the rest of the night! Now sure I know there are some college kids that do a lot more, they have two jobs, work forty hour work weeks, take a full load of classes, and still manage to have some free time to their selves, it’s obvious they must be robots! I know to most my schedule is typical of a college student, but after coming back from a semester where I rarely did homework and instead spent more time exploring and eating gelato …this is all beginning to feel a bit overwhelming! It seems as though the only reasonable option here is to quit school and head back to Italy..if only! Continue reading

Crostini Di Polenta

10 Jan


I first tried this dish at an apericena (a dinner consisting only of picky appetizer type foods) while in Italy at Roberta’s house. Just one bite and I was head over heels hooked, these tiny appetizers are packed full of flavor and can be quite delicious.

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Back To Reality, And a Recipe for Homemade Gnocchi

2 Jan


So it’s been two weeks that I have been home in USA and although I still find myself wishing daily that I could jump on next flight back to Italy, I know that It’s time to finally face reality. Unfortunately reality for me means heading back to cold windy Boston, unpacking and repacking my life as I get ready to move into my new and unfurnished apartment, and going back to school for a full upcoming semester including 6 class (ughh)! Instead the idea of going back to the simple, relaxing, European life of lounging at a cafe just seems so much more appealing. Continue reading