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Spaghetti with Clams and Shrimp

2 Sep


I feel like every time I write a new blog post I start off with an apology, well once again I am sorry I haven’t been posting consistently but I have been very, very, busy.

Those of you who read my last blog post will remember that I was in the middle of what I considered to be a mini crisis, after all not having an apartment a month before you are required to move out of your current apartment can be quite stressful.

Well to update you all I have found an apartment (sigh of relief) and I actually just moved in two days ago, and oh what an adventure it was! Continue reading


Flash Fried Fluke

10 Jul


Having a Dad with a serious obsession with fishing can definitely be a good thing, especially when it means getting fresh fish deliveries.

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Shrimp Over Roasted Quinoa and A Good Old Fashioned Rant

4 Apr


So it’s finally that time in the semester, the time I have come to both love and hate. With only 22 days of school left I am overjoyed to be nearly done and I am eagerly looking forward to a three month reprieve from school,¬† but at the same time I am dreading the next 22 days. Within that time I still have to complete 4 projects, write one paper, study for three tests, and of course prepare myself to take five finals……obviously you can see my conflict as to weather I should be jumping for joy or pulling out my hair.

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I Came to Italy to Eat

25 Sep

So I always thought I was a pretty good amateur chef, I have always preferred to make my food from scratch, why buy bread crumbs when you can simply pulse toasted bread, why buy tomato sauce, when you can use fresh tomatoes to make your own. In comparison to my microwaving, take out loving, Kraft macaroni and cheese buying peers, I looked pretty good! But all that changed once I got to Italy and realized the great lengths that the Italian people go through to produce a good meal. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat of course are a given. Rather then going once a week and stocking up on groceries, the Italians prefer to go to the market more frequently so that they can purchase fresher products. I have been advised by quite a few italian to frequent the markets rather than the supermarkets, at the market the products are fresher and less expensive! Imagine that there’s actually a cost insensitive for buying fresh products where as in the U.S. you practically pay through the nose to find the same quality product! Continue reading

Sunday Supper: Pesto Shrimp Saute

12 Aug

Can it be that I am for once this weekend actually sitting, relaxing, without anything to do? Well yes it appears to be so! Continue reading

I thought people on the paleo diet didn’t eat spaghetti! Roasted Spaghetti Squash Topped with Sauteed VegetablesTossed with a Fresh Basil Pesto Sauce

15 Jul

Ok so I have to admit I have always been a bit skeptical of people who claim they love Pasta, my question to those people are, what exactly is it about pasta that you love, and if I were to give you a giant bowl of plain pasta would you eat until there was nothing left? Continue reading

Sweet Grilled Maine Lobster

6 Jun

So these past few weeks I have been diligently trying to be more¬† experimental when it comes to the food department! I’m eating foods that as a prior vegan I swore I would never eat, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Scallops, Shrimp, Fish, I tried it all. Surprisingly I am loving it all too! Continue reading