My Italian Adventures

A Confession and a 3 day Tour of an Unknown side of Italy

A Farewell To Italy

Adjusting Means Making Less of a Fool of Yourself

Alone In the City

An Eating Extravaganza In Como

Because Surley Nothing is Easy When it Involves Me

Content In Florence For the Weekend

Dad Arrives in Florence

Good Eats

I Bet I Can Make You Wish You Were Me

I came to Italy to Eat

Italians Never Die, They Just Pasta Away

 I May Not Be In Italy Anymore But I am Still Eating Like I Am

I Think I am Eating Too Much..Study Abroad Problems

It’s Raining Because Even The Universe Is Sad We’re Leaving

La Cucina Di Roberta (a Dinner filled with good food, good wine, and good company)

My No. 1 Piece of Advice, Don’t get Too Comfortable

Napoli, the Region of Pizza, Ruins, and Gypsies

Not the Italy Your Grandma Told you About

Relax Yourself Roberta, Let us Make Dinner Tonight

The Honeymoon Might Have Ended, But I am Still In Love With Italy

Trying to Blend in While Oppositely Standing out

We’ve got nothing but Time

What Fun Would Life Be Without a few (major) Bumbs In the Road

When Enough is Enough and You Just Want to Throw in the Towel and Take a Taxi


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