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Over Stuffed Artichoke

16 Sep


It’s officially beginning to feel more like fall which is both a good and bad thing.

On one hand the coming of fall means cool weather, fashionable boots and scarves are now appropriate to wear again, and really delicious foods like artichokes, apples, and squash are making their reappearing debut! On the other hand it also means back to school, back to late nights studying, and back to feeling like I constantly want to pull out my hair!

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Fresh Guacamole

21 Jul

I walked out of my apartment today intending on running some much needed errands around the city, however after reaching the end of my street and already feeling the sweat trickle down my back I thought better of my decision and decided the errands could wait. I returned to my apartment which offered a slight relief from the humidity and the strong sun and proceeded to sit in front of my fan for the next half hour! As you can tell I am not a fan of the heat. So beware, unless I am in a nice cool pool or lounging on a beach with my toes in the cold ocean water, I advise you to keep your distance, I tend to become become, tired, cranky, and irritated in the heat! Continue reading

A Life Without Hummus Is a Life Not Worth Living

5 Jul

My name is Kait and I am a recovering hummus addict……think I am kidding, I assure you I am not! My addiction with hummus first began three years ago, I was sitting down to dinner at a small middle eastern restaurant when a bowl of a beige dip was set in front of me. Apprehensively I looked down at it and then looked at my Dad who smiled reassuringly as he spooned a tablespoon worth of hummus onto his plate and using a pita point shoveled it right into his mouth before going back for seconds! Continue reading

Italian Flavored Flax Seed Crackers

22 May

It’s been three weeks that I have been on this paleo diet and I am feeling great, no stomachaches, no pain, woohoo! I have to say I don’t even find myself pining for the grains that I have completely cut out of my diet. No pasta, fine by me, no rice, who cares, no bread…ok maybe this one is a bit harder but i’m managing, no crackers….ok so maybe I lied because just the other day I was pining for a cracker! Continue reading

Winter Inspired Fresh Salad

16 May
A Simple garden fresh Salad made with arugula, mixed greens, and spinach, fennel, garnished with pomegranate seeds, pecan halves, and sliced pears tossed with a tangy pomegranate vinaigrette Continue reading