Pesto Pasta Tossed with Chicken, Spinach, and Asparagus

23 Jul


It seems that I am really not doing too well with this whole blogging thing lately. I know, I know, I haven’t been posting consistently, but before you completely abandon reading my blog by thinking I am an unreliable blogger let me first tell you that I have been busy! Now before you go on thinking that me being busy is just some lame excuse, let me assure you it’s not, I honestly have been busy in addition to being in school and working full-time, I am now also in the very difficult process of finding an apartment for September 1st. Now as you know it is nearly August and still I have yet to find somewhere to live.

It’s not as though I intentionally waited until the last-minute to begin looking, this is just how things happened to work out. The thing is I am not looking for an apartment for myself, just a room in an apartment, and most apartment renters don’t know exactly about their living situations until apparently the last-minute. All summer the weight of knowing I had to find an apartment loomed over me, but honestly I didn’t think it would be that difficult, after all Boston is a city, shouldn’t there be tons of options…. Well as I am now finding there are not tons of options at all, I honestly don’t even have too many specifications, all I want in one private room in an apartment located within 20 minutes distance to school and within a five-minute walk to the T, is that really too much to ask? The one factor I have a feeling which is really holding me back is the fact that I have a cat, but honestly she is so sweet and well natured, and what am I suppose to do, just abandon her…well thats not happening!

Anyways how can anyone say no to this cute face?


This whole housing thing is really just a time-consuming headache. I barely have any free time anymore, now what little time I have is spent researching apartments and then going to visit them (which can end up being a two-hour process, especially with the slow public transportation here in Boston)!

So now after hearing my sob story can you really blame me for being a bit relaxed with the postings! I think trying to be proactive to prevent me from ending up being homeless is a pretty legitimate excuse!

Ingredients for Pesto

2 cups of basil

1/2 cup of olive oil

3 cloves of garlic

1/3 cup of pine nuts

salt and pepper

Method for Pesto Sauce

Combine all ingredeints together in a food professor, process until smooth, store in fridge or freeze in small portions

Ingredients for Pasta Dish

2 chicken breasts, cubed

2 tbsp of 1 tbsp of olive oil

2 tbsp of flour

salt and pepper

1 cup of aspargus cut into pieces

10 oz of spinch

salt and pepper

3/4 cup of pesto sauce

4 oz of pasta (any variety will do)


1) Dredge chicken in flour, in a saute pan heat 2 tbsp of olive oil, add in chicken and saute until chicken is browned on all sides and is fully cooked though

2) Add reamining tbsp of olive oil and add aspargus to the pan, saute until aspargus is bright green and soft, next add spincach and let wilt, season with salt and pepper

3) Add pasta to salted boiling water and cook according to the directions, drain and let cool

4) In the saute pan with the chicken and veggies add pasta and the pesto sauce, serve warm


One Response to “Pesto Pasta Tossed with Chicken, Spinach, and Asparagus”

  1. Blanche August 8, 2013 at 3:59 pm #

    have you ever tried to make pesto without garlic? The taste is almost the same but it’s more digestible 🙂

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