Spezzatino di Manzo

18 Feb


I was overjoyed when my dear friend, Sarah, whom I met while studying abroad in Italy decided to come up to Boston for the weekend! It had been exactly two months since I last saw Sarah, and I was desperately missing her!

While in Italy I met Emery and Sarah,  the three of us instantly hit it off from the moment we met and we quickly became travel buddies, Italian food enthusiasts, and best friends.


It was difficult not seeing them once we returned to America, I had gone from practically seeing them everyday to not seeing them at all (ironic, huh). Although we have been doing a pretty great job of staying in touch it’s just not the same, I often get the urge to call them and request we go out for dinner, then I remember that Emery is halfway across the country in Montana and Sarah is a state away in Connecticut.

So when Sarah told me she could find some free time for a visit, I was instantly excited and anxious to finally get to talk to her in person! We spent our time together catching up, reminiscing and planning our next few trips together, after all we are travel buddies. First on the list will be a reunion between Emery, Sarah and I, in NY this summer. Emery has a house there, and it’s a very easy commute for Sarah and I, we’ve decided that Emery will fly into Boston and meet Sarah and I and the three of us can ride down together to NY.

Next will be our trip to Montana to see Emery’s new apartment. Sarah and I who aren’t exactly in touch with mother nature have already been warned that we will in deed be hiking and we will have to carry bear spray…really look forward to that adventure.

Then of course Emery and I have already discussed and agreed that we will be going back to Europe to see Sarah when she studies abroad junior year of college, luckily at that point Emery and I will both be out of school for two years and hopefully we’ll both have jobs so we will be able to save up!

So although I find myself missing Sarah and Emery and our Italian life dearly it is nice to have new future adventures to look forward to!

Tonight’s meal is spezzatino, similar to a beef stew, yet the vegetables are chopped very finley and not as visible as they are in traditional American stew dishes. This is a great hearty winter dish, full of flavor and an authentic Tuscan meal!


2 lbs of beef cut into cubes


olive oil

1 onion,chopped

1 carrot peeled and chopped

1 celery stalk chopped

1 cup of wine

3 cups of beef broth

salt and pepper to season


1) In a food process blend together carrots, onion, and celery, to ensure vegetables are finely chopped

2) Pour oil into a saute pan and heat, add in vegetables and saute until soft.

3) Meanwhile coat the meat in the flour, place meat in the saute pan and season with salt and pepper, let brown

4) Once meat is thoroughly cooked, add in wine, let the alcohol cook out and the liquid evaporate then add in all the broth, lower the heat and let simmer

5) Serve as is or over creamy polenta


2 Responses to “Spezzatino di Manzo”

  1. sue February 18, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

    Yummy comfort food…sounds delicious.

  2. Payday loans February 19, 2013 at 3:53 am #

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