Back To Reality, And a Recipe for Homemade Gnocchi

2 Jan


So it’s been two weeks that I have been home in USA and although I still find myself wishing daily that I could jump on next flight back to Italy, I know that It’s time to finally face reality. Unfortunately reality for me means heading back to cold windy Boston, unpacking and repacking my life as I get ready to move into my new and unfurnished apartment, and going back to school for a full upcoming semester including 6 class (ughh)! Instead the idea of going back to the simple, relaxing, European life of lounging at a cafe just seems so much more appealing.

So I guess you could say I am a bit tense after coming home to so much responsibility after spending the past four months gallivanting around Italy without a care in the world. Especially when it comes to fixing up this apartment. Despite making four trips back and forth between home and Boston in hopes of moving as much in and getting as much set up as possible, I still found myself completely overwhelmed on move in day as I looked around my room and found myself surrounded by a sea of boxes to unpack….

Then there’s the pressure that comes along with school which means I will be saying goodbye to what free time I have and instead spending most of my time with my head in a book…fun! It’s a huge adjustment from the classes I took in Italy which were graded on a pass/fail scale and were actually enjoyable. Accounting and management based on computer analysis can’t even begin to compare to the academic courses I took in Italy which included cooking courses and an Italian class!

Plus did I mention how cold it is here in the north east, especially when one doesn’t have a car and is forced to walk everywhere despite the snow, slushy sidewalks, and bone chilling wind.

Ok so congratulations, you have successfully put up with my rant ( I promise that soon enough I’ll stop comparing my Italian life to my American one, although it’s really not much of a comparison. Ok ok I am sorry I just couldn’t resist that one last dig), anyways lets get back to tolerant reader, your prize for putting up with my rants is that I will be sharing with you a traditional recipe for homemade gnocchi! These amazing potato dumpling are light and delicate and taste like little pillows of heaven. And whenever I begin to feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed it always helps me to relax by cooking a delicious homemade meal and putting things in perspective!

2012-12-30 19.42.46

Recipe For Gnocchi


2 lbs of potatos with the skin on

1 1/2 cups of flour

2 egg yolks



1) Put potatoes with skin on in salted boiling water

2) Remove and drain potatoes skin and mash them, let mix cool

3) Combine egg yolks, flour, and mashed potatoes together, knead to form a dough

4) Roll out dough on a floured surface so it resembles a rope, cut into 1/2 inch pieces, use a fork to to makes lines on gnocchi

5) Place gnocchi on a flour dusted baking sheet

6) Place gnocchi in boiling salted water, let them float to the top before taking them out, serve with your preferred sauce (If you prefer an authentic preparation, choose a simple and fresh tomato sauce or creamy Gorgonzola sauce).


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