It’s Raining Because Even the Universe Is Sad That It’s Almost Time To Leave

29 Nov

With only 17 days left, (17 days I repeat, I am in a state of shock and disbelief, and I may or may not be on the verge of a nervous break down), Emery, Sarah, and I are trying to spend as much time together as possible before we go back home to the U.S. where we live on opposite sides of the country. Although we do plan on staying in touch and doing yearly trips together (we are travel buddies after all) things of course will be different!

When I first started this program I remember feeling nervous and shocked  I had assumed that most of the study abroad students were like me, the type who were passionate about travel and integrating in the culture. I figured we’d all come to Italy in the same boat, alone or not knowing many people but anxious to start exploring. Only things were quite the opposite, instead I found myself amongst many Americans who had come with big groups of friends from home, they didn’t seem passionate about travel or interested in integrating  instead they seemed to want to create a “mini America” here in Florence.

I remember consoling myself by knowing I still had my Italian friends here to do things with…and as far as traveling, well I could go alone, after all I am a quite independent person.

But then I met Emery and Sarah and from the first moment we all clicked wonderfully, we seemed to have the same mindset, we were all huge foodies (most important), and we got alone great. So although I was willing to do things alone, I was so much more happier that now I didn’t have to.

So with a few days passing of not seeing each other, we decided we needed to make plans to catch up immediately. Even the down pouring rain and large amounts of homework didn’t stop us from dropping everything for the evening. We decided to make dinner. I am a bit pastaed out (imagine me saying that in Italy) but yes it’s true so we decided to make something different. coconut chicken and vegetable curry!

We made the curry with sauteed onions, potatoes, peppers, broccoli , cauliflower, carrots, curry powder, and coconut milk, we then served it over Basmati rice. It was excellent and had great flavor! Upon cooking this dish we all assumed our roles in the kitchen, Emery cut and prepped the ingredients, I added in the spices and coconut milk and supervised the cooking process, and Sarah sat at the table and took pictures (her job comes at the end when she washes the dishes).

During dinner we caught up on everything, we had all spent the weekend apart so we had tons of stories to tell. We also made a very important to do list for our last few weeks here, mostly filled with items we need to eat and restaurants we need to try. Although things may be coming to an end (against my will of course) we refuse to just mope around..instead we plan to enjoy every last bit of our time here together!

I found two best friends here, my travel partners for life. Somehow I know wherever we are, no matter how far apart that is, we will always be able to come together for an adventure filled with stories, laughter, and of course good food!

Emery and Sarh


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