I Think I am Eating too Much…..Study Abroad Problems

15 Nov

Ok so unlike my typical posts this one will be short….simply because I have no time, I am very busy, and nothing worth writing about has happened this week (what a shock), I know. It seems the only thing I have been doing this week has been eating (what a rough life) and doing homework. It looks like vacation has finally ended and now I find myself in the harsh reality of real life which includes two papers, two projects, and a test due next week…….it’s a shame because this whole school/studying thing is really beginning to interfere with my plans….and my blog…because of homework I have been too busy too have any adventures worth sharing, who gives homework in Italy anyways..that’s just absurd.

So since I don’t have much to share story wise I guess I could make you jealous by showing you pictures of some of the most amazing dishes I have ever had.

The culinary adventures began Monday while in class.

The first dish was a delicious fillet of cod simply flavored with lemon, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil, simple, light and delicious! On a side note I do want to inform you that I was given a whole fish (thats right scales, head, tail all still intact) and some how I found myself able to suck it up and gut the fish, I am actually quite proud of myself. Also the preparation for this fish was unlike anything I had ever seen before. After cutting and gutting and cleaning the fish we filled the inside cavity with salt pepper and lemon slices, we then poured an entire box of sea-salt on a pan placed the whole fish (head, tail, and skin still intact) on top we then poured another box of sea salt on top and baked it for 25 minutes, next we let it cool, then removed all the salt from the fish, cut off the head and tail, removed the skin, removed the bones, and filleted the fish, added a little olive oil and it was good to go!

We then had a delicious stuffed Sword Fish topped with a spicy tomato sauce

 Then Tuesday came around, one look at the recipe and I knew it was gonna be a good day, zuppa di cozze and vongole, a delicious spciy tomato broth soup with clams and mussels served over a piece of garlic toast!

It also happended to be our Culinary Instructors birthday so we made her delicious chocolate cookies (coco powder, sugar, and egg whites) in the shape of Happy Birthday!

Then it was back to reality…also known as a gruesome Italian class where I learned of an upcoming test (ahh), after class I headed to Roberta for some culinary thearpy and had an delicioous meal (as always)

We started with toasted garlic bread topped with a spianch like green!

Next we had a delicious zuppa di zucca gialla or butternut squash soup topped with toasted bread and a drizzle of olive oil

For the main course we enjoyed delicious chicken curry served with a side of bietola, green beets flavored with olive oil and garlic!

and a huge plate of roasted vegetables!

Guess my life’s not too bad after all!


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