What Fun Would Life Be Without a Few (Major) Bumbs in the Road!

13 Oct

So it seems whenever my life is going well the universe decides that it is then the perfect time for disaster to strike in my life.

Although living abroad for an extended period of time has presented some challenges and proven to not always been the easiest of adjustments I am happy to say that I am still loving life in Florence. I have managed to find amazing friends who I have formed a tight group with, they are all genuine, passionate, and supportive girls, oh and they also are foodies too, a definite plus! I feel comfortable around the city and rarely get lost, and my italian is improving and each day as I find myself learning to things. Atlast I feel as though I am making a real life here!

This week has specifically been great. I went out for a delicious and surprisingly inexpensive 5 euro aperitivo where I was given a complimentary martini glass. I got my cartilage pierced (something I’ve been itching to get done), I took a pasta workshop and learned to make homemade lasagna and gnocchi and today I was on a day trip which involved a walking tour of Siena and a trip to a vineyard for a wine tasting with friends.


Life was great or so it seemed until I got an interesting text from my Dad in reference to several large purchases made on my debit card which I knew nothing about. In a matter of  minutes I soon learned that there were three mysterious purchases  made at an airport in London using my debit card, the odd thing was that I hadn’t lost my debit card, in fact it was in my wallet during them times the transactions were made.

Of course I naturally began to panic, why did this have to happen while I was abroad, how would I get the money back, how would I be able to call long distance to the states to explain the issue, could they resend a card to Italy, what would I do for money in the meantime? a flood of question ran through my mind!

Luckily my friends Emery and Sarah were with me during the time I found out about the “situation”. They were the perfect friends, rather than telling me everything would work out (in my opinion a useless sentiment that everyone says but no one actually means), they got mad with me. As I began to grow calmer they casually offered their expertise about what they knew involving credit card theft, they explained ways in which my card could have gotten stolen, and then they changed the subject to food (a favorite topic of ours) and gave me something else to focus on!

Exhausted from the long day ‘s events we decided a relaxing movie night in was just what we needed. We decided to make dinner at Emery’s house while watching the proposal, an ideal girls night!

On the way over I called my Mom for a quick status report on the situation, she calmy explained what had happended and informed me that the bank would be replacing all the money which was taken out (sigh of relief). Now the only problem was getting the money to Italy (at the current moment I have only a very small amount of cash on me)! My parents assured me that would figure out the safest and fastest way to send over money and do so immediatley.

Living abroad and not being able to control any of this myself made me feel a bit helpless but I felt a bit more relief after I talked with my parents and for the first time that day since learning of the situation I found I was able to completley focus on other things, like cooking!

So as I explained on many occasions before the apartments in Italy aren’t as highly equipped as our apartments back home. For example it is normal for internet to be down for several days, power outing happens regularly, and ovens don’t heat very quicky (that is if you apartment even has an oven).

After a half hour of preheating, the oven remained warm…..not hot! We had planned on making a roasted chicken with carrots, onions, and potatoes in a lemon, white wine sauce, but after keeping in the chicken for an hour and half and not having much to show for it we decided we had to change our course of action. Instead we placed the chicken in a skillet, and the vegetables in a separate skillet and over high heat sauteed the items until they were golden brown and perfectly to our liking.

Dinner was great, very flavorful and for maybe once a very well balanced meal in comparison to our daily meals filled with carbs!

Next it was time for dessert, after leaving the oven on for two hours it was now just beginning to get hot, not suitable for roasting a chicken but suitable for baking. We used pastasfoglie, a pastry dough similar to phyllo dough and placed nutella (milk free that is) over the dough we than wrapped it up and let it bake…..needless to say the end result was amazing, a flaky pastry filled with delicious melted nutella!

So maybe today didn’t go exactly as planned, but in the end things turned out alright! Sometimes life gives you bumbs in the road, but getting over those bumbs make you feel all the more accomplished!


One Response to “What Fun Would Life Be Without a Few (Major) Bumbs in the Road!”

  1. Franco October 13, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

    Kait, great blog and What a day you had. I’m sure your parents are pulling thier hair out !

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