Adjusting Means Making Less of a Fool of Yourself!

14 Sep


Ok so I have good or bad news depending on how you look at the situation. I am finally managing to get adjusted here and accustomed to life, the city, and the people. This is definitely a good thing for me, but possibly a bad thing for you because this transformation means I am making less of a fool of myself, therefore I hopefully won’t have any more foolish and embarrassing stories to share (I don’t care how entertaining you find them)! Ok so maybe I am getting a bit too confident, so what if I can make it to classes and back again without getting lost; I am certainly far from being a pro. I still have yet to explore the other-side of the river, and I can’t get anywhere without first going to the Duomo (it’s my central point), ok so maybe it does appear that there will be future embarrassing stories to come, lucky you!

So this week has been most productive! On Wednesday morning I met with Emery and Sarah to plan our trip to Como coming up next weekend, very exciting! That night we were all planning on going out for Sarah’s birthday, It was a surprise birthday planned by her sister who happened to be in town! Normally I don’t see Sarah on a daily basis as we have no classes together and live quite far from each-other, however this particular day I happened to see her three times, I also happened to almost give away the surprise three times, “OK see you to…later” I managed to save myself!

That night there were fourteen of us gathered at Aqua al Due, a very well-known restaurant in Florence. I had so much fun talking to everyone and knowing that in just two weeks I had already met so many incredible people. Of course the food was delicious too! I had trouble deciding what to order as there were many delicious selections like the beef tasting or the pasta tasting. In the end I decided to go with Chicken curry and Emery got the Chicken with artichokes (we originally were going to get the same thing but we decided getting different plates and sharing would be best)!


(Curry Chicken)


(Chicken and Artichokes)

Three hours and four bottles of wine later we finally left happy and stuffed!

Then Thursday night I had my standard weekly dinner at Roberta’s house. I am pleased to tell you that this time I had no trouble finding the bus (I am definitely on my way to becoming a pro)! My only trouble came once I got on the bus, of course with my luck I ended up getting on possibly the most crowded bus. For the thirty minute bus ride I found myself sandwiched between a large very sweaty man, and an older woman who was literately pressed up against me and thought that considering our closeness we were in the prime position for holding a conversation. She talked fast in an annoyed voice (I am guessing she was complaining about the amount of people on the bus)…honestly I am not quite sure what she said, all around me people were having loud conversations and the noise combined with  my mediocre Italian skills made being able to understand her nearly impossible! Si si, I replied in my most sympathetic voice, hoping that she wasn’t saying things that deserved more complex responses! Finally my stop was coming up and I was still sandwiched in the middle of the bus, quite a distance from either exit! When the doors opened I was pushed by a girl who aggressively moved me towards the exit (apparently this was also her stop), now normally I would be annoyed by this but considering that my meek “scusa” wasn’t cutting it I was most happy to have her there!

I walked into Robertas fragrant home just as she was putting the finishing touches on dinner!


Osso Bucco, friggitelli (italian green peppers) and green beets were on the menu tonight and I was ecstatic as I have never before had Osso Bucco before or green beets!


Wow everything was amazing, in fact this way just have been one my favorite meals since being here in Italy, the meat was so tender and flavorful, the beets were delicious, and the peppers were perfectly charred!


Although I am desperate for Roberta to teach me how to cook, however, this is a meal that requires hour of preparation and I came to her house nearly starving, so I guess it was a good thing dinner was nearly done. However, next time I am insisting I be there, these are all potential recipes I can add to my collection and whip out to impress everyone (including my family which is expecting an authentic meal upon my return to the USA.

Here’s what she did tell me, start  by putting olive in a saute pan, add in onions, celery, carrots, rosemary, and the meat, cover and let simmer, add in white wine and let the alcohol cook out, add in water and fresh tomatoes, let water evaporate and simmer for three hours until meat is tender. Sounds simple enough right? Please don’t ask about the measurements…In Italian cooking I am beginning to notice there are no measurements, one simply puts in what he/she “feels” is right!


One Response to “Adjusting Means Making Less of a Fool of Yourself!”

  1. sue September 14, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    I’ve never had Osso Bucco either, but it does look delicious..Glad to see you are getting a chance to swim…When you are used to something on a regular basis it’s tough to live without…Keep eating and exploring..Love your posts.

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