When Enough is Enough and You Just want to Throw in the Towel and Take a Taxi

6 Sep

I’ll begin simply by saying this, WHAT A DAY! I have now had a few hours to process all that has happened and I am now able to laugh about it but I can assure you that I was not laughing a few hours ago, no instead I found myself moments away from giving into a very serious melt down.

Earlier In the week Roberta called me and invited me to stay over her house for the night and have dinner with her. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, a delicious homemade meal, an opportunity to practice my Italian, and the chance to take a shower in a real shower that doesn’t result in the bathroom resembling a lake….yup I definitely wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity!

So at last the anticipated day had come, I excitedly rushed home from class, put together an over night back and headed on my way to the station where I would then catch a bus and take a 15 minute ride to Roberta’s home. I wasn’t exactly sure of where the stop was that I had to get off of to get to Roberta’s home, but she had assured me that if I simply asked the bus driver to alert me when we arrived at the stop that he would be more than happy to oblige.

Keep in mind that I have been only living in the center for a week now, so often times I still get a bit lost, actually that’s an understatement I still get a lot lost, in fact just two days ago I spent an hour roaming the streets wondering how to get home (turns out I had been five minutes away and I had just been walking around in a big circle)!

So naturally I was shocked when I made it to the station in an easy ten minute walk, this was definitely a good sign and I felt my confidence sky rocket.

Then just as fast as my confidence had risen it plummeted and I soon found myself in panic mode. There was no designated bus stop area like I had thought, instead buses lined just about every street within a 500 meter perimeter of the station including streets in front of the station, streets in back, streets to the left and streets to the right, how was I ever going to find my bus in this mess?

I did a lap and began to panic more when I didn’t see my bus number anywhere.

I had taken the bus  a few times into the city and I remember walking past a large 24 hour McDonald, I walked across the street to the McDonald hoping the familiarity of the scene might help me find my way, but it didn’t I was still completely lost.

Just then I got a call from Roberta asking if I was on the bus.

To preoccupied with the fact that I had been aimlessly walking for a half hour and I still wasn’t sure where I was going, I deemed it acceptable for just this once to have a conversation in English, especially because I knew that if I attempted to have this conversation in Italian it might have been an even bigger mess.

“where are you?”

“I am at the McDonalds” I replied hoping she had the ability to know exactly where in Florence I was.

“no why are you at McDonalds you must get on the bus”, This is one of the troubles of speaking different languages, the inability to understand each other. Clearly Roberta thought I was having a grand ole’ time at Mcdonals while in reality I was using Mcdonals as my landmark to help me find the bus.

“ok now I am standing where the tramvia (Italian subway) departs” I said as I went into further detail and tried to describe the area in hopes that she could give me directions.

“NO you don’t take the tramvia” Another miscommunication.

Thinking that she meant I was in the wrong area I walked to the other side of the station and tried describing the scene there, but apparently that wasn’t right either.

“go into the station and go to the other side” she ordered

“ok” I agreed.

“where you are now” she probed

“in the station” I responded it had been only a second since she advised me to go through the station to the other side

“why are you in the station, you must go outside”

Our conversation continued to go this way for another good twenty minutes, finally after asking the 5th person on the street I was pointed in the right direction. I hurriedly crossed the street just as the bus was pulling up to the stop. I was now an exhausted, jumpy, sweaty mess (not very Florentine like)!

“scusa” I said as I walked over to the bus driver intending to ask him to alert me of my stop, the only problem was that once I opened my mouth nothing came out, not Italian not English, nothing!

He looked at me curiously as I tried to form thoughts in my head and string together a proper sentence…I definitely felt that there was some judging go on and honestly given my current state I can’t say I blame him.

Finally two hours later I walked into Roberta’s aromatic house just as she was plating the dishes! Perfect timing!

Angello con Spinaci, Lamb with Spinach……YUM!

Now unfortunately I missed the preparation of the meal but I did find out how she prepared it!

First she put 2 cloves  of minced  garlic and olive oil together in a pan, followed by the lamb, rosemary, and salt and pepper. She covered it and let it simmer. Next she added some red wine and let the alcohol cook out, she then added diced tomatoes, and water and let it simmer with the cover on until the water evaporated, once the meat was thoroughly cooked she added in the spinach!

I ate the delicious meal with a much needed glass of red wine. Tonight was the first time I have ever had lamb and I absolutely loved it, it was so flavorful!

So in the end things didn’t turn out too bad and now I know exactly where to find the bus, which is a good thing because with Roberta’s amazing cooking skills it won’t be long before I return for another delicious dinner!


3 Responses to “When Enough is Enough and You Just want to Throw in the Towel and Take a Taxi”

  1. sue September 6, 2012 at 10:11 am #

    Another adventure to remember!

  2. RagazzAmbulante September 6, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    I had more experiences like this than I care to remember when I was over there! Good thing you can laugh about it later 🙂

    • La Cucina Di Kait September 6, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

      Hahaha exactly it’s always an adventure!

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