Benvenuti Dall’ Italia

28 Aug

Ok now don’t go getting your panties in a twist, I haven’t abandoned my blog, I have just been so busy I haven’t had a moment to rest, let alone sit down and write a blog post, until now.

Ok so as you might have assumed I have made it to Italy, the past five days have just seemed to flash by. The days pass by quickly and I am busy exploring the city, trying (key word) to speak Italian, and socializing with the locals, each night I fall fast asleep exhausted from the day’s adventures.
So what exactly have I been up to? Well I went to the sea, (not the beach). Orginally I thought the beach and the sea were two in the same, but boy was I wrong! Roberta (a friend I am staying with here in Italy for a few days) said there was a very pretty spot with lots of rocks by the water, I figured she meant we would go there and look at the view and than go to the beach! Apparently this is not what she meant though, apparently it is quite popular in Florence for people to go to the rocks and lay down, it was very interesting, although finding a somewhat flat rock and  making our way down the rocks was quite tricky! Some people brought umbrellas and bags filled with food,  I have no clue how they managed! We spent five hours there and it was beautiful! I went swimming in the surprisingly warm water and was happy to find there were no fish or seaweed, the only problem was that getting back up on land was hard because it required that you  pull yourself up onto the wet rocks which are slippery and the current is very strong adding to the process and making it nearly impossible to stay balanced on the rocks.

I have gone shopping to the stores where the locals go, I have had the pleasure of frequenting several homes of Italian families (while I sit and curse myself for not studying Italian harder before coming to Italy), and of course I have eaten the most amazing food, all which is prepared very simply with very few ingredients.

In Italy dinner begins around 8:00 p.m. and ends around 10:00, something I have not yet become adjusted to quite yet. A 6:30 we began preparing. While listening to America Music (my idea of course) Roberta and I stood side by side in the extremely small kitchen while we prepped the food, drank wine, and talked half in English and half in Italian.

One of the things I found remarkable was that in less than an hour Roberta was able to pull together an impromptu meal, even more delicious than any meal I have had in any restaurant!

On the menu tonight was the following:

Melone e prosciutto

Then we inspired by the fresh herbs from the garden to make our Primo Piatto

Pollo con Herbe, Chicken with Herbs

Next on the menu Pollo Con Pepperone (Chicken and Peppers)

And we completed a meal with a side of Grilled Zucchini


Together we enjoyed delicious food, talked Italian (well I tried), and laughed together, it was a perfect evening!

Recipes to come!


3 Responses to “Benvenuti Dall’ Italia”

  1. sue August 28, 2012 at 11:05 pm #

    I am so glad to see you are settling in and enjoying every moment…maybe except for the slippery rocks. The food looks scrumptious…rustic comfort food is the best thing …you get to share so much with the company and especially the cook…Mangia!!

  2. August 29, 2012 at 4:20 am #

    hi kait!i’m italian,i’m form naples.where are you in italy?

    • La Cucina Di Kait August 29, 2012 at 11:56 am #

      Hi I am in Firenze!

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