Mango Chicken Curry

9 Jul

I was flipping through “It starts with Food” when I found this intriguing sounding recipe for Mango Curry, one look at the ingredients and there was no doubt in my mind that this dish would be delicious, mango, curry powder, green beans, and peppers….all my favorites, of course I had to try this!

I have now begun my second semester of summer classes, which means I now have class from 5- 7:40 p.m. and I usually return home from class exhausted and starving and the last thing I want to do and cook, so lately I have been relying on my slow cooker, I simply add in all ingredients before leaving for school and return home to a fragrant apartment and delicious warm meal, it has been a life saver!

This dish was delicious creamy and flavorful, plus the best part was it required very little effort to make and after all who doesn’t love an effortless yet healthy and satisfying meal!


1 1/2 lb of chicken cubed

1 1/2 cups of green beans

1 cup of diced bell peppers

2 cups of chicken stock (or more as needed)

1 cup of coconut milk

1 1/2 tbsp of curry powder

2 mangoes, peeled, and diced

1 mango pit

1 tbsp of cilantro


1) Add all ingredients, except cilantro to a slow cooker and cook on high for three to four hours or until chicken is thoroughly cooked and tender.

2) Remove the mango pit and serve the delicious flavorful curry warm, top with cilantro!


One Response to “Mango Chicken Curry”

  1. Élias July 21, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

    it’s glad to read this post! i like it.

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