Moroccan Chicken

4 Jun

I am pretty much a sucker for dates, the sweet caramel like taste is absolutely addicting…and I mean addicting, In fact  just last night I was have an intense craving for something sweet…my go to treat….dates. I took out my reliable food processor add int he dates, a bit of vanilla, some coconut milk and hit puree, in a matter of minutes I had a rich and creamy caramel sauce (paleo approved of course), I was planning on dipping apple slices in this carmale like spread, but the minute my spoon reached my mouth and I tasted the sweet flavor and savored the creamy consistency I knew there was no point in apple slices, I simply took the food processor to the couch with me and spooned the caramel right into my mouth…looking back maybe that wasn’t my finest moments and consuming so many dates (about 12) probably wasn’t the best idea…looks like I may have an addiction after all.

So with half a container of dates left I didn’t trust myself, whose to say I would make caramel again tonight, I had tried hiding the dates before, thinking maybe the whole out of sight out of mind thing might work for me, but obviously this wasn’t a very effective tactic, if I am the one hiding it, I obviously know where to find it and when I get a craving that can’t be stopped the out of mind out of sight thing doesn’t hold up too well.

I’ve contemplated throwing them out, there’s no way I am desperate enough to go digging though the trash, but I think I would feel to guilty wasting perfectly good food.

Finally I decided to cook with them, my logic, if I add them to a main dish I’ll think of the dates less like a dessert option and more like a dinner entree, then I will be less likely to over do it, after all there’s no way I would eat 2lbs of chicken just to satisfy my nighttime snack craving for dates

So far this has been quite successful, I am confident I have found the solution to battling my date addiction problem!

The sauce is delicious, sweet, and creamy the citrus flavoring paired with the warm comforting spices makes for a delicious meal!

Serves 3


2lbs of chicken (thighs and breasts)

2 tbsp of olive oil

3 cloves of garlic minced

1 small onion sliced

1 cinnamon stick

1 tsp of ground cumin

1 tsp of turmeric

1 tsp of ground ginger

Juice from three oranges

1/4 cup of lemon juice

1/2 cup of chicken stock

1 cup of baby carrots

12 dates sliced with pits removed

1/4 cup of almonds

salt and pepper


1) Season chicken with salt and pepper, pour 1 tbsp of olive oil to a skillet pan over medium to high heat, saute chicken until golden about 5 minutes on each side, remove chicken from pan and set aside

2) Return pan to heat but reduce to medium, add in another 1 tbsp of olive oil, add in minced garlic and onions and saute until fragrant, add in ginger, cumin, turmeric, and the cinnamon stick, add chicken back to the saute pan

3) Next add in juice from three orange, feel free to cut up orange segments and also add that to the saute pan, as this will enhance the citrus flavor, next add in lemon juice, and chicken stock

4) Add carrots and reduce heat to a simmer, cover skillet and let simmer for 35 minutes or until carrots are soft and chicken is tender

5) While the chicken is simmering dry roast the almonds in a saute pan

5) Remove chicken from the skillet and set aside, stir in sliced dates to the now thickened citrus sauce, let them get soft and plump, about 5- 10 minutes, discard cinnamon stick

6) Place a piece of chicken on each plate, pour spiced citrus sauce, carrots, onions, and dates over the chicken, garnish with toasted almonds


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