Spicy Beanless Chili

29 May

It’s weird to think that three weeks ago at this time I was sitting in a hospital bed at Mass General, in severe pain with tears rolling down my cheeks wondering if anything would make these terrible stomachaches go away! I remember the agonizing conversations I would have with my GI, I inquired about possible stomach illnesses I had read about online, of course the problem with looking up anything health related online is that we immediately assume we have pretty much every disease in the world just because we happen to share a few of the same symptoms. My Doctor however said it was just the IBS and she suggested I take a pill to help manage the pain. Of course I didn’t happen to find this answer helpful, I wanted to get to the root of the problem and fix it not cover it up by masking the pain and taking medicine everyday!

It’s funny how so much can happen in three weeks, since then I have ditched the hummus, soy yogurts, and quinoa, staples which largely made up my diet and instead introduced meat back into my diet. I am happy to say I am finally pain free, like magic my symptoms which once over ruled my life are now gone! This new change in diets had been a bit of an adjustment for me, but I am trying my best to stay positive and open minded about new foods!

In fact just the other day I called my Mom and asked her if she could bring me some meat on her next visit up to Boston, this was a bit weird for both of us considering I am usually requesting a bag of dried beans or vegan cheese!

I was a bit tentative about the idea of eating red meat, for so long I had been quite vocal about just how much I despised even the look of the meat. But in an effort to be open minded I decided I would try it! Now the question was how do I tell my mom that everything I was previously so passionate about was now going out the window. First I asked her about bringing me chicken, then I timidly hinted at the ground beef hoping she get the idea, luckily she did! She starting rambling on about different cuts, and grades, things I’ve never paid much attention to before. Oddly I felt giddy and excited as I began thinking up recipes to make with the ground beef. I consulted with Everyday Paleo, my Paleo bible for recipes and information and decided to make chili, the last time I had chili I was probably five years old (at that young age I ate anything handed to me, I wasn’t too fussy), I remembered liking it then, so why wouldn’t I still like it now, I had stopped eating purely on principal not because it didn’t still taste good!

Well after using 2 lbs worth of ground beef to make this chili it sure is a good think I ended up liking it! The spices were just enough not too overpowering or too mild, simply perfect!


1 tbsp of olive oil

2 lbs of ground beef

1 yellow onion finely chopped

4 cloves of garlic minced

1 large red bell peppers finely chopped

4 jalapeno peppers finely chopped

5 stalks of celery thinly sliced

2 cups of diced tomatoes

1 cup of chicken stock

1 cup of salsa verde

1 tsp of cumin

1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper or hot sauce

1 tsp of chili powder

1 tsp of cilantro

1 tsp of oregano


1) Add oil to a large sauce pan, add in vegetables except for tomatoes and saute until tender and fragrant, next add in ground beef and let brown

2) Add spices to beef and vegetable mixture, followed by tomatoes, chicken stock, and salsa, let simmer over low heat for 25 minutes!

3) Remove from heat and serve warm!


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