Slow Roasted Sweet Italian Green Peppers and Ripe Roma Tomatoes

16 May
These slow roasted tomatoes and sweet Italian green peppers, are perfectly soft, slightly charred and extremely flavorful with a fresh from the garden taste. They make an excellent and filling accompaniment to any meal!
15-20 Roma tomatoes, cut lengthwise and seeded
10 Italian sweet green peppers, cut lengthwise, with their core removed
5 unpeeled cloves of garlic
   3 tbsp of olive oil
2 tbsp of oregano
6 leaves of basil chopped 
1) Begin by preheating oven to 300
2) Toss peppers, tomatoes, and garlic in olive oil
3) Evenly spread out mixture on a foil lined baking sheet
4) Roast vegetable for an hour and a half or until vegetables become soft and the outer layer of skin becomes slightly charred

5) let cool for 5 minutes and transfer to a serving platter, garnish with freshly chopped basil


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