Cinnamon Spiced Pumpkin, Apple, and Date Muffins

16 May

These cinnamon spiced pumpkin, apple, and date muffins are vegan friendly, gluten free, and paleo diet approved…..oh yeah and absolutely AMAZING! Their not overly sweet, but the slight cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice definitely adds just the right amount of flavor. I recommend toasting a muffin and slathering on a bit of almond butter for a delicious morning meal!

So the last few months my stomach had been acting up a bit, unfortunately this is how the lovely Irritable Bowel Syndrome works, you can have blissful months where you never once have a stomachaches only to wake up the next day with excruciating abdominal pain and a terrible stomachache you can’t kick , plus there are all the nasty effects of IBS that make living a normal life see impossible (i’ll spare you the details) So after months of being in this pain and getting limited support from the medical community (there is not cure for IBS, they say) I have decided to seek out alternative help from a nutritionist and acupuncturist. I can’t attest to the treatment so far, it’s been less than a week but my acupuncturist recommended I stay away from grains, apparently they act as an inflammatory to the gut.

So for thirty days I will be going completely grain free in hopes of eliminating this constant abdominal pains.

So now the question becomes what do I eat……I am still wondering that myself..but after a bit of research I have found some great grain free alternatives for flour, such as almond meal and coconut flour, eager to see how these flours worked I decided to do a bit of baking. Today I tested the almond meal and found it was great, definitely a bit thicker then traditional flour, but i found I needed much less almond meal in this recipe then if i was using traditional flour, which is good because for a $9.00, I plan to use it quite sparingly! I didn’t notice to much of a difference in texture of the muffins. I think these muffins came out pretty well so I would definitely consider this recipe a success. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try experimenting with the coconut flour, perhaps I’ll make banana walnut pancakes..hmm maybe this whole going grain free thing isn’t so bad after all!

1 cup of Almond meal
1 cup of pure pumpkin puree
2 egg substitutes
1/4 cup of agave/maple syrup/ honey
3/4 cup of creamy almond butter
1 apple sliced and chopped into bite size pieces
5 dates chopped into bite size pieces
1 tbsp of cinnamon
1/2 tbsp of pumpkin pie spices
1 tsp of baking powder

1) Preheat oven to 350
2) in a large mixing bowl add in all ingredients, mix together until batter is creamy and all ingredients are well combined
3) Place cupcake liners in tray and using a spatula fill each liner with about 3/4 with batter
4) Bake for at least 50 minutes (they may need more time, as pumpkin is quite moist and may take longer to throughout bake through).


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