Changing Things Up

16 May

Although today absolutely nothing out of the ordinary occurred,  I am trying to employ a more positive outlook on life, therefore I am declaring today a good day!

I just moved into a new apartment in Boston with a very nice girl (which I’ll call Jane). Jane is a girl that up until a few weeks ago I did not know. I was in search for a summer sublet in Boston so I would have a place to stay while taking classes, therefore I went on Craigslist and found an apartment! I got here late yesterday morning and began to get settled. Obviously I had a bit of anxiety about living with a new person whom I don’t yet know, however I managed to get through my first night alright, part of the reason was I convinced my mom to sleep over! Then early this morning she left, and I went out to begin my day. I went to the pool and felt good in the water, I then had my second acupuncture treatment which helped me to relax and de-stress, after that I wondered down Newbury street in search of a new (unfortunately my current wallet is a bit weathered, which is really just a nice way of saying disgusting, faded, and torn)! Luckily I found exactly what I was looking for at the first store I walked into( this never happens), After shopping I ran a few more errands and got everything I needed… don’t you just love days like these where everything seems to be going your way and you feel so accomplished?
So on a high from my successful morning I walked into the apartment only to find Jane packing, she informed me that she would be going home for a few days and I would have the apartment to myself! Now for most people this would be great news, but for me this wasn’t! All I could think about was spending the next few nights alone in this new apartment! Luckily I was still relaxed from acupuncture so surprisingly I didn’t freak out too much!
However after sitting in the apartment wrapped up in a blanket and listening to the pitter patter of rain against my window  I began to feel a bit lonely (I bet your thinking that this is sounding like a scene out of a depressing movie)….however, I didn’t give into the negative sad feelings, instead I put the thoughts out of my head and began thinking of all the good things that had happened in the last few days, like the change I had made in my life….going from a non meat eating vegan to an adventurous paleo. Although it may seem like a small thing to some for me this was a huge deal. In just the past week I went from eating beans, soy yogurt, and  hummus to trying shrimp, beef, fish, chicken, and pork
A week ago I was eating my typical breakfast oatmeal, with cut up bananas, sunflower seeds, a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon, this was my typical morning breakfast that i had been eating just about everyday for the past year and a half, I never got bored of it, in fact I looked forward to it, even just thinking about it now I feel tempted, don’t worry I don’t plan on cheating (especially after only a week) The one thing I didn’t like about this breakfast was that i never felt full, usually an hour later I would get the urge to eat again!
This morning I ate breakfast paleo style I had steak tips with a side of blackberries and grapes, a very filling and quite unique breakfast! The thing I found odd about the paleo diet what the most of the breakfast recipes seemed more like lunch or dinner entrees, in fact while doing research I found that many people on the paleo diet noted that they ate leftovers for breakfast. Eating like this will ensure some much needed variety in my morning meal and routine!
A typical lunch for me consisted of a vegetable pita with hummus, my staple go to ingredient, as a vegan I became obsessed with the creamy chickpea spread, in fact other than breakfast I had hummus with just about every meal! Now that I think of it this meal never filled me up either, in fact I would usually indulge myself in a snack just 20 minutes after eating, this began to over eating which then led to a terrible stomachache which I would last for days.
Today I had a salad with chopped carrots, cucumbers, peppers, avocado, celery, and topped with grilled chicken and sunflower seeds  with a homemade lemon vinaigrette drizzled over the salad, although this salad was light I found that it kept me full for hours!
I always made a filling grain dinner, favorites included veganized mac and cheese, rice and beans, or risotto. However at this point in the day I usually felt so bloated that eating more only increased the bloat and added to my stomach pain.
Now I experiment with different this like ribs…..I had always enviously watched other people eat ribs as a vegan, in fact one of the first meat entree meal I wanted as a new paleo was baby back ribs which I made with a paleo friendly rub and bbq sauce..I definitley wasn’t disappointed…I guess I just never knew quite what I was missing out on.
Finally it’s snack time, I was a big snacker and my favorite thing to snack on was granola bars after all their handy and nutritious right? Sometimes I would be hungry but have a stomachache not knowing what to do I would eat…maybe not the best decision because I never felt too much better afterwards usually I just ended up feeling worse!
Now I aim to snack on protein rich snacks, for example today I made egg muffins, I simply whisked the egg added in some onion, peppers, spinach and bacon…and there it was a protein packed and fiber rich snack!
This last week I have incurred a major lifestyle change and because of it I am finally just beginning to feel better, healthier , and stronger. When I look back on all the paleo no no food I ate at every meal I see there was no wonder why I always felt so terribly!

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