Mediterranean Pasta Dinner

7 Oct


The other day I found myself reminiscing and I realized what a huge difference a year can make.

Last year at this time I was living in Italy without a single care in the world, my biggest life dilemma was what flavor of gelato I should get. I didn’t work, homework and classes were a joke, and my daily routine consisted of going to the outdoor markets, improving my Italian, and doing a lot of sitting around at Italian cafes and people watching, and eating….I did a lot of eating!

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It’s Finally an Appropriate Season for Pumpkin Flavored Everything!

22 Sep


I absolutely love the fall flavors, specially pumpkin, although to be truthful I eat pumpkin flavored foods all year long despite what season it is.
However, I fully take advantage during the fall and stock up on pumpkin everything, since that’s when society deems it’s most acceptable to eat pumpkin flavored foods.

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Over Stuffed Artichoke

16 Sep


It’s officially beginning to feel more like fall which is both a good and bad thing.

On one hand the coming of fall means cool weather, fashionable boots and scarves are now appropriate to wear again, and really delicious foods like artichokes, apples, and squash are making their reappearing debut! On the other hand it also means back to school, back to late nights studying, and back to feeling like I constantly want to pull out my hair!

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Gone But Not Forgotten and Blueberry Crumble Bars

9 Sep


This weekend my Grandma Mary passed away. She was 91 when she was diagnosed with cancer and as a family we decided it would be best if she forwent the pain and uncomfortableness which always accompanies aggressive cancer treatments. We were warned that her time here with us would be limited and so we made the most of it, we visited her as often as possible and loved her more than ever.

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Spaghetti with Clams and Shrimp

2 Sep


I feel like every time I write a new blog post I start off with an apology, well once again I am sorry I haven’t been posting consistently but I have been very, very, busy.

Those of you who read my last blog post will remember that I was in the middle of what I considered to be a mini crisis, after all not having an apartment a month before you are required to move out of your current apartment can be quite stressful.

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Pesto Pasta Tossed with Chicken, Spinach, and Asparagus

23 Jul


It seems that I am really not doing too well with this whole blogging thing lately. I know, I know, I haven’t been posting consistently, but before you completely abandon reading my blog by thinking I am an unreliable blogger let me first tell you that I have been busy! Now before you go on thinking that me being busy is just some lame excuse, let me assure you it’s not, I honestly have been busy in addition to being in school and working full-time, I am now also in the very difficult process of finding an apartment for September 1st. Now as you know it is nearly August and still I have yet to find somewhere to live. Continue reading

Flash Fried Fluke

10 Jul


Having a Dad with a serious obsession with fishing can definitely be a good thing, especially when it means getting fresh fish deliveries.

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